Democrat. Servant Leader
for Nevada.

Democrat. Servant Leader
for Nevada.

Meet Kurt

Former Washoe County School Board Trustee Kurt Thigpen (he/him) is an accomplished public official, best-selling author, and award-winning advertising executive.

He has combined his passion for community with his professional and lived experiences to deliver real results for Nevadans.

Kurt’s Priorities


Accelerate Nevada’s economy through fostering job creation, supporting small businesses, and cultivating long-term sustainable industries.


Prioritizing the safety of our community by addressing critical issues such as mental health, rising crime, protecting our most vulnerable populations, and building law enforcement community relations.


Push for continued improvements to Nevada’s educational system by prioritizing students, increasing school funding, supporting educators, and embracing innovative educational programs.

Kurt’s Record

On the school board and in his other roles, Kurt has delivered for Nevada, championing efforts to improve education for students and increase opportunities for all. Below are some of the highlights of his work in our community.

Improved Education Access & Infrastructure

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Advocacy & Workforce Initiatives

Empower Kurt to Make a Difference



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